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Safe investment in top brand


Invest your money in business, not in lawyers


We did most of the work already: Created a top brand, secured it against eventual attacks, invented the associated business ideas – now it’s your turn to boost your business with this brand. Multiply the invested money with just some marketing efforts.

Many investors spend a considerable amount of time and money for poorly researched businesses with almost non existing branding foundations. To ensure rights in trademarks, domain names and more many investors need to employ a range of lawyers and in consequence pay a lot to get a sound business base for international commerce.

The business base exists already with HONEYPOD – we did the work described above for you:


-          Registered Trademark HONEYPOD

o   In Switzerland – legal trademark base

o   In USA

o   In Germany

o   For all other countries it’s easy

-          Contract with Apple Inc.

o   Apple attacks all POD containing  brands systematically

o   We have secured a contract with Apple Inc. to protect HONEYPOD from further prosecution

-          Domain names

o   Honeypod.ch

o   Honeypod.de

o   Honeypod.net

o   HoneyPod.me

o   HoneyPod.eu

o   HoneyPod.ru

-          Implemented  businesses matching the trademark classes

o   Apps without apps (reduce app development costs)

o   Whistleblowing platform

o   B2B project platform

We suppose you are aware that the Apple brand has been valued in 2011 at +153 Billion USD and you can get an ‘Apple protected’ trademark with base classes in the internet market for a fraction of this amount!

Participate in Apple’s first rank of the innovative companies of the world!

Key message: if you buy HONEYPOD you buy a ready-to-use business with a top brand, all rights secured and sound business bases for a lump sum – you simply add your sales proficiency and get your ROI within months!



A hint – make it like Facebook and other social networks – take HONEYPOD and with an investment fonds you will stay on top of the earnings pyramid

Contact: info@honeypod.net - we have a lot of options for you ready!